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Frostwood Chiropractic

Frostwood Chiropractic began with Dr. Hendry and his dream to bring the art and science of chiropractic healing to all. Dr. Hendry has been practicing on his own for over 20 years in the Memorial area and has built a successful practice through word of mouth by his thankful, pain-free patients.

Dr. Hendry had the dream and desire to bring his level of quality chiropractic care to more individuals in need. This dream became reality in 2009 when he added associate doctors to his office and began personally mentoring and training his associates to deliver the same level of high quality rehabilitative chiropractic care he has become known for.

Frostwood Chiropractic continues to bring quality chiropractic care to more individuals everyday. View the links below to learn more about each of the doctors, chiropractic care, and the treatments available at Frostwood Chiropractic.